Palette Market - Premium Hemp Extracts


If you're new to using hemp extracts in your daily life, make sure to learn about the products you're using. Not all hemp is created equal. If you're buying your CBD at a gas station, you're probably not putting something very good into your body! Read on to learn about hemp lingo.

Types of Extract and Products


An oil that is extracted from the Hemp plant.  Tincture is usually dropped under the tongue, held for 30-45 seconds, and swallowed. Each dropper full of Palette tincture contains 1ml of hemp extract. Depending on the strength of the formula, you'll get apptoximately 16-34 mg of hemp in each ml.

       1 ml of 500 mg Original Broad Spectrum Formula = 16.66 mg/ml of cbd
       1 ml of 1000 mg Lemon Full Spectrum Formula = 33.33 mg/ml of cbd


A grainy paste that is rubbed onto the body. Generally used to support aches and pains to provide relief. Palette offers a 500 mg Full-Spectrum salve. This means not only do you receive the benefit of cbd, but you also get the benefits of the plant's other compounds such as other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Beauty Creams: 

Palette's beauty creams have a small amount of added CBD isolate in them. There are many other additional benefits to the creams we offer. Palette beauty products are designed to incorporate cbd, but only in small quantities. 

Pet CBD:

You can use our hemp extract on your pets too. Palette offers a low dose, full spectrum extract for your dogs and cats. Put it right on their food or in their mouth.

CO2 Extraction:

A safer, cleaner, and full plant extraction method to obtain the oils that go into Palette's tinctures. Oftentimes, ethanol alcohol is used in other hemp oil extraction methods. While ethanol extraction is a common way to extract hemp oil, we prefer the cleanliness and end product from CO2 extraction. We consider it  a far superior method to keep the full benefits from the hemp plant intact in our final product.



How much CBD tincture should I take?

This answer depends on a number of factors. There are no long-term population-based studies establishing the efficacy of CBD or other cannabinoids. This means there is no accepted, peer-reviewed dosing regimen/risk profile for CBD products. Our recommendation is to start is by dosing with a small amount (a couple of drops to .25mL) and working your way up to a full dose (.5mL - 1mL).

How often do people take CBD?

Most people tend to take a dose in the morning and a dose at night. It's up to you how often you take a dose, but it's important to stick with a cadence. Try taking it in the morning and/or at night everyday for a week to start.

Do Palette's products have THC in them?

Our Full-Spectrum oils and Salve do have THC in them. In order to be compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, The legal limit for ∆9-THC in hemp products is mandated to be <.3% ∆9-THC by dry weight. All of our products are compliant with 2018 Farm Bill standards. You can check our Lab Tests page for more information on product specific certificates of analysis, conducted by third-party labs.

Is CBD psychoactive? 

CBD is non-intoxicating. Technically, CBD is "psychoactive". This is oftentimes misstated by other companies and writers on the topic. CBD breaks the blood-brain barrier, and can alter mood. It's a technicality - CBD will not get you high.

Why do people take CBD?

For Mindful Maintenance. CBD is taken for a variety of reasons and we suggest you try it out for yourself to understand its affects on your body and mind. More research is being done now that hemp has been legalized in the US, and we encourage you to read up on the benefits of hemp, specifically on the Endocannabinoid System. Due to FDA regulations, we can not, as a company, provide health claims, but we sure believe in the power of this plant!

What's the difference between Broad-Spectrum and Full-Spectrum products?

A Broad-Spectrum hemp extract  has been through an extraction process that removes all THC from the end product, but still contains other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant. There are over 113 cannabinoids and many terpenes found in hemp. CBD and THC are just two of those cannabinoids.  Broad-spectrum products and Isolate are generally used by people who can not take any THC due to job related reasons or legal reasons.

What is CBD Isolate?

Isolate is CBD extract that is generally extracted in powder format and does not contain other parts of the plant. You do not get the many benefits of the entire plant extract (other cannabinoids like THC, CBG, terpenes or flavonoids) when taking isolate products, however, you still get the benefits of CBD.

What about Palette's Ingredients?

Palette's tincture suppliers use organic ingredients ( everything but the actual CBD is ‘certified’ organic ). These are not certified USDA organic, however.

Palette's Original tinctures and Pet tinctures are vegan friendly.

The processing facility used to extract the oil in Palette's tinctures in Colorado is certified Kosher. 

The Endocannabinoid System

Every person has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Basically, we have protein receptors in our brain and body that work with enzymes to help us regulate mood, hunger, pain, inflammation, and sleep, among other functions. Our bodies produce 2 main natural cannabinoids which help regulate function and promote homeostasis within the body. The hemp plant produces Phytocannabinoids, which care being researched as complements to these physiological receptors, and research is ongoing to try and pinpoint certain cannabinoids as effective treatments for obesity, drug addiction, anxiety, and other ailments.

Phytocannabinoids are compounds produced by cannabis and even some other plants that interact directly with these receptors and help activate them by binding to these receptors.

CB1 Receptors - Most present in the brain and throughout the body. THC is most commonly associated with activating and modulating this receptor. Active throughout the body
CB2 Receptors - Active in the immune system (spleen, tonsils, other glands), gastrointestinal system, and throughout the body.