Palette Market - Premium Hemp Extracts

About Palette

Palette Market was launched in January 2019 to connect people with high quality and carefully curated hemp products and skincare solutions with a focus on common sense wellness routines that lead to healthier, more beautiful lives. We are an Atlanta, GA based company.

We are also the only company in the world that blends art with hemp. We believe there is a common thread between the healing properties of wellness products centered around hemp, and making your walls a little more colorful and enjoyable. Each month we interview artists from around the world and add to our creative platform to provide an outlet for hand selected artists to showcase their work to our community.

Meet Palette.

Dan Wain


An advocate for cannabinoid research, Dan has spent much of his career in technology consulting and sales.  He's helped Nonprofit organizations and Retail/CPG companies use data to advance their mission. Dan created Palette for people searching for products that help them become more mindful. Most importantly, Dan holds the belief there is an intersection between art and cannabis.

Palette offers global artists an interface to connect with cannabis consumers, tell their story, and become discovered by selling their art prints on the Palette artist portal and print shop.

Janaé Bell

Creative Director

Born in Boston but raised in Atlanta, Janaé has a passion for fashion and sustainability. Loving fashion so much,  Janaé taught herself how to sew and started her own clothing brand, Vulpine Supply where she re-makes vintage clothing and advocates for sustainability and fair labor. She hopes to educate people of the harsh effects fast fashion has on garment workers and the environment through her brand. Janaé also has a huge passion for mental well-being and hopes to spread love and light through the Palette platform.