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About the artist

Olga Davydova

City: Moscow, Russia
Type: Illustrator
IG Handle: @@ollysweatshirt

Olga Davydova - FEBRUARY 2020

Well, I was born in Moscow like my father and grandfather. So, It can be said that I’m an indigenous Moscow resident. I love this city and know it pretty well. Like most Russian people, I also have many other roots, for example, Ukranian, Polish and German. I went to some art schools and then I entered the All-State Russian University of Cinematography (VGIK) to study Multimedia direction. I decided I wanted not only be able to draw pictures, but to make them move as well. At VGIK, I drew storyboards, assembled film crews, was an animator and video editor – those were hard (and good) days but I didn’t have time to draw personal things at all. Once I graduated in 2015, I immediately started to establish my personal brand (Olga Davydova and Ollysweatshirt) as an illustrator and finally, since 2019 as an artist.