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Georgia's Hemp Future

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Georgia Pursues a Future Embedded with Industrial Hemp

Shortly after the Federal government passed the Farm Bill at the end of 2018, allowing industrial hemp to be grown in the United States, Georgia passed the state’s Hemp Farming Act (House Bill 213) on May 10th, 2019.

That gave Georgians the much-needed ability to enter into the thriving agricultural market surrounding the newly rescheduled cash crop that’s taking America by storm. It’s a commodity that many farmers are praising because of the plant’s potential profit margin.

What is Industrial Hemp?

Unless you’ve been living on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, then you’re probably aware of marijuana. But when it comes to the discussion of industrial hemp, some people remain a bit confused about the difference between the two. And that’s fine. We’re going to spell it out for you because there is a huge distinction between their classifications.

Within each cannabis plant, several cannabinoids make up a portion of its genetic material. One of the cannabinoids most people are aware of is the molecular compound named tetrahydrocannabinol—more commonly called THC. The cannabinoid THC is a psychoactive compound that creates a euphoric high for the user.

However, industrial hemp covers a broad range of the Cannabis sativa species that contains 0.3% of THC or less, meaning the psychoactive components of the cannabinoid THC are non-existent. That means any product derived from industrial hemp, such as Palette’s CBD oil, is a non-intoxicant byproduct from the hemp it comes from.

Georgia’s First Industrial Hemp Crop in Decades

At a farm near Athens, Georgia, the University of Georgia has been growing cash crops for decades. Last year, it provided a new crop to its collection. That plant was none other than industrial hemp.

Dr. Timothy Coolong, an associate professor of the University of Georgia in the Plant Science Department, was the academic faculty member that spearheaded the initiative to pursue the benefits of a plant that was previously outlawed before last year. The successful operation gave a harvest of 5000 pounds of available industrial hemp to be studied by UGA students.

The first industrial hemp field in the state of Georgia consisted of twenty-four different varieties of the plant. The plant material the university grew was predominantly obtained from the state’s neighbors to the North—the Carolinas.

The Benefits of Georgia’s Industrial Hemp

The cultivation of industrial hemp boasts numerous applications across an extensive range of marketing potentials. First and foremost, it’s a new cash crop that’s beneficial to Georgia’s farming community. And since the cash crop was recently taken off the DEA’s scheduled list, it’s quite frankly an untapped commodity in the agricultural community on a national level.

But the plant’s value doesn’t stop there. Industrial hemp can be used to make a number of commercial and industrial products that Americans utilize. A few of those products include rope, textiles, bioplastics, insulation, biofuel, and biocomposite materials used for construction. And that’s not even touching on the medicinal value of the alkaloids found within the plant.

Industrial Hemp is Abundant with CBD

The cannabinoid called cannabidiol—more commonly known as CBD—is industrial hemp’s lesser-known alkaloid that’s starting to get more attention. The reason the chemical compound found in hemp is making waves in the news is because it has medicinal properties associated with it.

The FDA approved the drug Epidiolex back in June 2018, to treat seizures in patients (two years of age and older) who suffer from a couple of severe, rare forms of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and Dravet Syndrome (SMEI). It was the first (and only) FDA-approved medicine that contains a purified drug substance derived from the cannabis plant.

For years, parents with children who suffered from epilepsy had touted the plant’s medicinal value in staving off their kid's seizures. That was before the government gave the substance the green light. Most of those parents were met with a mixture of criticism or applause from government officials and citizens alike; however, today the tables have turned, and the scientific-backed research proves the anecdotal evidence was not a misrepresentation of the facts they claimed.

As time progresses, more research will be obtained that shows the therapeutic benefits of this amazing plant that can thrive in some of the harshest environments found in nature.

And Palette will always keep you in the loop to those amazing discoveries.

Your “Mindful Maintenance” never had it so good.


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