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Georgia's Hemp Future - Part II

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Our mission at Palette is to provide you with the best CBD oil Atlanta has to offer. Here in Georgia, efforts are underway to make industrial hemp one of our agricultural cash crops of the future. We’re excited to see it happen. It’s from that spectacular plant that we’re able to construct our CBD oil formula and maintain our excellent CBD products.

When you think about CBD oil, Atlanta might not be the first city that comes to mind, but we plan to change that. Georgia recently created a bill for growing industrial hemp in our state. That meant the CBD oil Atlanta carried would soon become “homegrown.” And that’s something our city was hoping to accomplish.

It was only recently that the federal government took industrial hemp off of the Schedule I list of illegal substances, so there have been complications arising from several states’ legislation. In Georgia, we’ve witnessed it firsthand.

As an example, in an earlier post, we spoke about Georgia’s Hemp Farming Act that was passed in 2019, making it possible for farmers to grow hemp and sell to the market. But unfortunately, the bill encountered some difficulties on the federal level. So, at the beginning of this year, on January 8, 2020, Georgia’s Department of Agriculture revised and submitted an updated Georgia Hemp Plan to the United States Department of Agriculture to comply with the USDA’s requirements.

Industrial Hemp—CBD Oil—Atlanta, Georgia’s Future

The revision kept everyone around Atlanta on their toes, waiting for the USDA’s response. All of the CBD oil Atlanta companies acquire at this point is from other states. Georgia is looking to change that. But on January 14th, 2020, the USDA sent back notification that some of the wording in the Georgia Hemp Plan needed some more revisions. In particular, the verbiage placed in by the GDA mentioned the 2014 Farm Bill for its compliance with THC requirements. Instead, it should have linked to the 2018 Farm Bill. It was a small oversight of the committee.

However, a second edit was also needed. That one pointed out the USDA requires Georgia to provide proof that it had appropriations set in place for the program. And at this point, no appropriations were given for the development of the Georgia Hemp Program during the 2019 Legislative Session.

That meant the agriculture commissioner had to request funding from the state legislature. And at the moment, Georgia is amid a budget crunch. So, for the time being, it’s a waiting game on how it will all play out. We’ll see.

Georgia Hemp Program in a State of Flux

At this moment, the future of Georgia’s Hemp Program leaves Georgian farmers seeking answers. Technically, farmers can acquire hemp licenses directly from the USDA under the federal 2018 Farm Bill. But that rule stipulates their state can’t be waiting for approval from the USDA or have an industrial hemp program already in place. Since the GDA did submit one that’s still under review, nobody is sure where the chips will fall.

The GDA may get the approval for funding from their state’s budget. If that happens, the USDA could approve Georgia's submission. However, it’s also a possibility Georgia’s budget doesn’t provide the funding. If the latter happens, then the GDA would need to pull their submission for farmers to go through the USDA for a license. And so far, Georgia’s state legislature is being eerily quiet about that particular circumstance.

That means it might take a bit longer for the CBD oil Atlanta purchases to be bought locally. But it’s a story we’re following closely. So we’ll prepare up-to-date announcements about this report as it progresses.

CBD Oil Atlanta: Palette Market Hemp Oil

To make CBD oil Atlanta’s newest, hottest commodity, our state is ironing out the details with its latest version of their Georgia Hemp Plan. Hopefully, they’ll get all the kinks worked out soon. Industrial hemp is an agricultural crop that our farming community could benefit from. So it would be nice for the state to get their Georgia Hemp Plan off the ground.

The city of Atlanta is famous for giving the world some of its best cultural accomplishments. Atlanta is known for its musical talents. Our city houses some great sports teams. Our art scene and culinary offerings are renowned. And the CBD oil Atlanta provides the world should be no different. The CBD oil Atlanta sells should be acquired locally. And soon, Georgia will make that a reality.

Until then, Palette will continue to provide you with the best CBD oil Atlanta can supply. So take the time to check out our extensive list of CBD products and pick one out that works for you. If you have a pet, we also offer a CBD product with them in mind, too. They deserve it. You deserve it. Your mindful-maintenance is worth it. 

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