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An Art and Hemp Collaboration

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An Art and Hemp Collaboration

Artistic circles are filled with talented individuals who quickly chime in about the benefits of the cannabis plant whenever it comes to getting their creative juices flowing. Their testimonials are nothing new in the realm of those who follow the arts.

Whether you venture into an assembly of cast members in a theatrical performance, a collective of artists who execute their talents on canvas, or a group of musical entertainers who sing or play instruments for a living, you’re sure to hear some of them endorsing Ms. Mary Jane as the muse behind their artistic endeavors.

Art and hemp have been interlinked in popular culture for decades. The 60s gave rise to an era promoting the herbal substance as a symbol of peace and artistic expression. Spirituality and creativity are endemic to the counterculture mentality found in hipsterism and hippiedom that still flourishes today.

Art and Creativity: Homo sapiens Deep-rooted Destiny

Understanding the origins behind the creative nature of our species is difficult to comprehend, much less measure. Art and hemp are but a few of the factors in this convoluted equation. But the common denominator is always people.

A select few individuals have an overwhelming abundance of creative, natural talent that pours out of their being. They seem to ooze with it. It drips off of their essence, so to speak. They’re the type of people who find pleasure and lucrative careers feeding off their ingrained gifts. Others seem to be lost to any type of inspiration whatsoever.

If we look closer into the innovative community of artists, we see that some of them exhibit more imagination than others. But why is that? And where does their innovation seem to materialize from? Well, one way to understand the complexity of its nature is to look into a specific organ, whence their visionary capabilities manifest—the brain.

Brains are wired a bit differently for each of the human species. Neural pathways for every individual can look as complex and dissimilar as a person’s fingerprints appear to be. The further we progress in examining this intricate phenomenon from a medical position, the better understanding we have at solving the equation to find out exactly how our brains function.

An Imagination under Investigation

The survival and advancement of the human species came from our ability to tap into our creative nature and harness it for the betterment of mankind. We’ve made tremendous leaps in science, philosophy, and art thanks to the creativity we channel from within us.

When we delve into how our brains operate from a medical perspective, studies correlate a higher cerebral blood flow (CBF) to an individual while they are in the midst of demonstrating part of the creative process. With those results, we can witness the first recorded instance on file where we have scientific data showing the differences within the CBF of highly creative individuals compared to a group of control subjects who display an average creative aptitude.

The study indicates that creativity and blood flow activation in the CBF is a harmonious union. The activity that occurs in the cerebrum portion of our central nervous system has a symbiotic relationship with inspiration. With that knowledge at our fingertips, we can go one step further to see if the declarations about art and hemp being an integral part of creativity merit the praise it’s given.  

Understanding Hemp and Art from a Scientific Standpoint

Fortunately for us, such a scientific experiment does exist. And according to the scientific research attached to it, the regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) was increased in subjects who were given marijuana to smoke. The cannabis entering into a person’s bloodstream activated the area near the brain’s nucleus accumbens, which correlates to an increased creative state.

The stimulation of the brain’s frontal lobe by an intake of cannabis through the lungs gives validation to the assertion that hemp actually bolsters an individual’s creative spark. So the ability of hemp to promote creativity in artistic individuals is an assertion that has empirical evidence to support it.  

Palette Seeks to Unite Hemp and Art in a Cohesive Bond

At Palette, we’re excited to showcase the coalescence of two separate subjects (hemp and art) that have been intertwined behind the scenes throughout history. We’ll examine artists and their works from around the globe, bringing them together on one creative platform.

You’ll witness interviews with illustrators, painters, graphic designers, photographers, and those who’ve mastered the aesthetical presentations that they’re proficient in. You’ll observe their artistic creations on display for all to see.

So sit back and enjoy the show while you experience a production unlike any other that’s brought to you by a CBD hemp oil brand charting a different course.

And with every order you place with Palette, you’ll receive an exclusive art print from our “Featured Artist of the Month.” So you’ll not only obtain a product derived from the magical plant called hemp, but you’ll also possess a part of our featured artists’ ingenuity and craftsmanship to boot. 

Mindful Maintenance

“Mindful Maintenance” is more than a decision to get your life back on track. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s one that encompasses the creative passion inherent in all of us.

Here at Palette, art and hemp are unified, just like nature intended it to be. 

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